The essence of theme photography is growing like anything in terms of popularity. Majorly you may come across different types of themed photos in several magazines, website, etc. In fact, with the help of themes, you can analyze photography very quickly. It merely resembles a storyteller to the people those who are interested in taking pictures. This craze is found in many websites like this. This website is all about the vast collection of Drone Stock Footage and Videos only.


Creating a theme is not so easy, especially in innovative wise. It takes time and patience to take pictures based on the original idea that match exactly.

The specific kind of guesswork is required before going to shoot a picture or background wise. This is all about how you imagine the theme based on the place, event you are engaged too. You might get a clear idea once you go through this Drone Stock Footage and Videos collection, you will experience effects of different themes like sunset background in the beach, themes of evening traffic lights environment and all very realistically.

Depicting a theme is not so easy, but it is not at all problematic too. Especially for professional photographers, it’ an easy task where they can implement their creative ideas on the spot that they are going to work. There are many benefits to theme photography too.


Some tips that help you to boost up your creative skills before going to take up themed photography;


  • Generally adding a theme to the picture is all about adding color to the photo. Some may also use different items that bring reality and impression to the gallery, and this is what required at the end.  Let’s go with some examples.
  • A themed photography focus on the color and background of the photo is essential. Here you can also add super hero’s themes, comic character; you can also add seasonal experience like a sunset in the evenings, you can even add a girl is sitting in the middle of the ocean where she wants to enjoy full moon day and experience it like that.
  • Finally, if you want to become a theme photographer; all you need is how creatively you edit themes, thinking capabilities, and how you take pictures that suit your targeted client requirements.

Let’s deal with some of the sample projects for shooting different types of themes exclusively;

In short, photographers who are new to this field will make use of these sample themes, ideas to start their career.

  • Of course, newcomers focus on random events like festivals to try their sample shoot. Festival theme is the most common one used by photographers. So, go through Christmas celebrations, holiday events conducted at beach locations wise. This will become the biggest asset to the photographer, especially.
  • Similarly, if you are aware of architecture conceptual themes, you can project different historical buildings photos, famous city skylines like that.
  • You can give up your try in doing street themed projects. Research on the streets where you may find most attractive, and you can also experiment on roads which are non-addressable to many people today.
  • If you are interested in shooting a building, go through the different doors, chimneys, walls with canvas prints which look like pretty stunning and straightforward other than known standard walls like that.
  • You can also try for short films to know how capable you are in shooting videos in a themed sense. Similarly, take up a film camera and make use of it to analyze how effective you are in shooting themes on seasonal purposes. Here if you go through seasonal wise items, you can pull the pictures of sky and clouds in different shapes and styles as innovatively required. You can also portray your views of current social issues happening in and around your surroundings. If you focus on the incidents based theme, you can create the shoot accordingly.
  • It’s funny but real where you can also depict your pictures in coffee café, dining halls, ice cream parlors, chat centers, exhibitions and all. For example, if you order ice cream, you may experience different flavors with different smiley faces, cone shape smiley’s, blue bell ice cream smiley faces like that. You may broadly find varieties in all the aspects. Here all you need is; how creatively you shoot the picture with a clear story, and its resemblance matters your skill to the client.

Similarly, make use of social networks:

If you want to enhance your photography skills in themes creation, you can make use of Instagram social media network as a resource. Just take your smartphone and capture moments of different frames. Download a photo app and edit the picture and also add some themes to it. This is the best helpful idea to the newcomers in the photography field to analyze how innovatively you can imagine photos and how you can edit it creatively is essential.

Finally, theme selection and imagination are based on a particular subject only. It is all matters about your imagination skills. Eventually, your skills will be presented in terms of the best great theme at the end.

Adopt iPhone photography:

In today generation, most of the people are using iPhone photography to check their creative skills. Here you can usually proceed to shoot using their smartphones in different themes without hesitation and then bother about camera shoot. Moreover, you can also kill the pictures like different tree shadows on roads or during raining how leaves of the tree spill out in various angles can be captured out Similarly take a picture of zebra crossing symbols, bother about buildings pictures, and your cycle shadow under the sun like that. Just try to make out fun themes initially before going through sample projects or ideas as discussed above.


Hence you can go through different themes of the above-discussed ideas more innovatively. Of course, designs are most common where lots of photographers are usually worked out previously. But creating items more innovatively compared to the past is extremely important for a photographer. For example, if you capture any wedding moments of the couple, every photographer does this work, but you have to show your job of capturing moments in more innovative and stunning angles. Maybe this is the reason why many photographers are adopting this themed photography career as their best career choice.

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